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Monkey Line Zipline Attachment

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✔ ANY 2 INCH SLACKLINE ... Attach the Monkey Glider to any 2 inch slackline or Monkey Line and have a zipline experience in your backyard within seconds!

✔ RATED FOR OVER 10,000 LBS ... We Designed the Money Glider with safety in mind. We used Aerospace Aluminum, the best stainless steel pulley system, and have tested it with thousands of pounds

✔ SLACKLINE ZIPLINE ... The quick start kit provides you with the Monkey Glider and a carabiner to attach any of your favorite obstacles to, such as, a monkey bar, a swing seat, or if you're feeling BOLD attach it to the ladder!

✔ Hyponix Approved ... Like with any Hyponix Sporting product you will get a 2 year guarantee on the Monkey Glider! If anything happens we will replace it with our "It Breaks, We Replace it" policy
Monkey Line Zipline Attachment